Managing users in Faculty

As a system administrator (‘Sysadmin’), you can manage who gets access to Faculty and what level of platform access they should have.

Adding a new user

In order to add new users, share the custom link shown at the top of the Users page with them. Once a user has signed up via that link, Sysadmins can view and manage them in the Users table.

Access Type

The access type determines what roles users can have within projects.

  • Full

    New users have Full access by default. This allows them to take any role on a project, including being project Admins and Data Scientists. They can create new projects and servers as well as invite others to join Faculty.

  • Basic

    After adding users to the platform, they can be downgraded to basic users. Basic users can be Data Providers or Observers on projects they have been added to. They cannot create projects or servers.


Downgrading access can lead to projects without any Admins.

Downgrading a user from Full to Basic will remove the user’s existing Admin and Data Scientist project roles and ensure they will not be assigned those roles in the future. Project Admins should be notified to reassign their role to ensure projects are not left without an Admin. Any active servers belonging to the user will be terminated.

For further information on project-specific roles, check out the documentation on Collaborators.

Disabling Users

Disabling a user effectively removes their access to the platform. When disabling a user with Full access, make sure that projects they were administering have been reassigned accordingly.

Any interactive and test API servers belonging to the user will be terminated. App, production API and job servers will not be affected, unless the corresponding projects are deleted. For further information, check out the documentation on Projects.

Users can be re-enabled and will keep the same permissions and project memberships they had before being disabled.