Accessing data

Uploading a new dataset

Click on the Datasets button in the tab on the left-hand side of your workspace. This will lead you to the Datasets page:

Select the directory where you would like to upload data and click the Upload file button at the top of the page.

A dialog box will appear and selecting Choose file will direct you to a file picker. Pick the file you wish to upload and confirm your choice by clicking Upload.

Moving data to the workspace

Files can be moved from the Datasets page to the workspace using the faculty.datasets Python package.

For example, you can move a data.csv file from the input folder in datasets to the workspace by opening a notebook and using:

import faculty.datasets as datasets

datasets.get('/input/data.csv', 'data.csv')

For a detailed explanation of SFS check out this quickstart tutorial.

Downloading data

Files can be downloaded from the workspace into your local computer by using Faculty’s command line interface faculty. To find out how to install this utility, take a look at this quickstart tutorial.

As a first step, you need to sign into Faculty from the terminal of your local computer, via faculty. Then, you make a note of the path in Faculty corresponding to the file that you wish to download (e.g. path/on/faculty). In addition, you select the path for the directory on your computer where files will be placed (e.g. path/on/local). Finally, in the terminal of your local machine you run:

$ faculty file get project path/on/faculty path/on/local

Here, project is the name of the project that contains the file.