You have built a great model, and you want to share the results with the rest of your team. You want to build a dashboard or a web application that can be accessed by other users in your project.

Faculty supports building web applications based on Plotly Dash and R Shiny. These frameworks allow you to build interactive dashboards without needing to write any JavaScript.

In addition, to have complete control over your apps, Faculty also supports deploying custom application based on shell (bash) scripts.

If you use Faculty to deploy an application, Faculty will take care of all the annoying parts of sharing a web application:

  • You get a unique URL that you can share with other members of your project. This URL is accessible from anywhere on the internet to anyone who is an observer in your project.

  • You do not have to worry about authenticating visitors to your application. Faculty will automatically reject anybody who is not an observer within the project.

  • The application is served over HTTPS, so all traffic is encrypted.

Dive into the links below to learn how to build and deploy a web application on Faculty: