My account

To manage your Faculty account, open the Account menu in the lower left of the screen and click on My account:


Manage password and single sign on

In the Details tab, you can view the name and email address associated with your account, plus manage how you log in:

If you originally created your account with a password, you can change the password here by clicking CHANGE. Enter your existing password and a new one and click SAVE to update. This option will not be available if you originally created your account with single sign on.

If single sign on (SSO) is enabled on your Faculty deployment, you will see a Single sign on section as shown above. To enable SSO, click the Connect button for the relevant provider and follow instructions to enable. You will then be able to use this SSO provider to log in to the platform.

Linked accounts

In the Linked accounts tab, you can manage the connection of your Faculty account with third party services. This helps you to authenticate access to external resources, currently limited to Google Cloud Platform. Click LINK ACCOUNT or UNLINK ACCOUNT as appropriate to manage the connection:

CLI credentials

In the CLI credentials tab, you can manage credentials for programmatic access to Faculty with the Faculty CLI and Python library:

To generate a set of credentials, click GENERATE CLI CREDENTIALS and copy the generated information. Note that it is not possible to recover the secret later so make sure you note it down. See Initialising faculty for instructions on configuring the CLI and Python library with these credentials.