We built Faculty to make data science projects more collaborative, while keeping data secure, code version controlled and results easy to report. At the heart of this is inviting other people to be part of your project team.

Adding a collaborator

Add someone to a project by going to the Collaborators page and typing in their Faculty username or their email address. If that person is not already a Faculty member they will receive an email inviting them to sign up.


Each collaborator is assigned a role that determines their permissions.

  • Admin

    Access to all features and permissions, including administration of the project and the team.

  • Data Scientist

    Access to all features, except administration of the team and project.

  • Data Provider

    Access to datasets, with permission only to upload data to the project.

  • Observer

    Access to Apps, with permission to only view Apps. Access to reports, with permission only to see reports and their version history.

Admins and Data Scientists have a workspace that is shared. They can create and terminate servers, and servers are entirely private to each team member.

In order for a user to become an Admin or Data Scientist on any given project, they have to be given Full platform access by the Sysadmin. For further information on administering Faculty access, check out the Managing users doc.